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Big Bek Brews is a nano brewery located in Kleve, Germany, and is founded in March 2020. It all started with home brewing, giving common beers a different twist. Many people liked the beers that were offered, and the decision to go “commercial” was made.

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However, we didn’t want to become “just another craft beer brewery”. We wanted to brew quirky beers because we are a quirky brewery. Our beers are introducing a new Underground craft beer scene. Meaning the flavours will put you to think. Wander away in a day dream by drinking our beers. The artistic beer labels on the recognizable bottles will mesmerize you. The beer tickles your taste buts and makes you longing for more... not immediately... no, a few hours later.

We make small batches each time we brew our Underground craft beer. Founder and brewmaster R. Bek personally selects the craft beer retailers, bars, cafe’s and restaurants that will serve our Underground beers.

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Our beers can also be ordered online. Simply check out our online store (available soon) or send an email to We ship internationally. Have one... or more... of our Big Bek Brews. Join the Underground craft beer scene!